Strengthen Your Mind and Body with Yoga at Tehachapi Gym

Yoga is a practice used to bring body and mind together for greater health and relaxation. In a typical yoga class you stretch your body through a variety of physical postures while simultaneously focusing on your breath. This helps release pent up tension that can cause aches and pains, provides a tool for coping with stress and reminds us to keep our attention in the present moment for a more calm, clear mind.

Some varieties of yoga are: hatha, vinyasa or flow, yin or restorative, and Iyengar.

Hatha yoga is an umbrella term including all styles of yoga that relate to mind, body and breath. However, when you see a class with this title it generally means a slower paced class with some focus on alignment in the postures.

Iyengar yoga has an even more intense focus on alignment and utilizes props to support this. Both Iyengar and hatha yoga are great for beginners, people with injuries or limitations, and anyone who wants to focus on stress relief.

Vinyasa or flow yoga is usually a more active, faster paced class where postures, or a series of postures, are linked together to keep a somewhat continuous flow of movement. These styles of yoga are better for those who are more athletic and free of injuries, or those who have some yoga experience already.

Yin and restorative yoga are very slow and gentle. The goal in these classes is to remain in the postures for a longer amount of time with focus on deep physical and mental relaxation. Props may also be used to help support students in the postures. These classes are excellent for beginners, people with limitations or injuries, or for anyone who is exhausted, run down or needs an active day of recovery from their other activities.

A great group fitness option for older adults – or for those with chronic pain – yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that does not require jarring movements on the gym floor or on a machine. It’s relaxing but energizing, strengthening but calming.

Yoga is growing in popularity, and you’ll see why. Come down to our gym in Tehachapi and check it out – your first two workouts are free!