Why Tehachapi Fitness

We want your experience at our Tehachapi gym to be the best, and you’ll see that commitment to excellence in the services and amenities we offer. We live by a set of core values that define what we believe – and how we achieve — the best gym in Tehachapi.

We are a team, and we invite each member to be a part of our team with the finest equipment, programs, and classes available. We believe in your health and wellness, and we’ll help you keep that in mind — even when the struggle gets tough. Our Tehachapi fitness center wants to help you develop lifestyle changes – not just habits – that will last a lifetime.

We are dedicated to helping our community become healthy in both mind and body, and we’re not afraid of work. We’ll work hard to help you realize your goals, no matter your age or level of fitness, because that’s what we believe in. Your health.

Join the family today. Why not try us out today with a free pass and let us know what you think. We’re ready – are you?